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Zoo Med Rock Heater is made of a hydrated rock material twice as firm as cement or pumice. Hydrated rock material conducts heat more evenly with no hot spots!

  • Hydrated rock material is twice as firm as cement or pumice
  • Conducts heat evenly with no hot spots
  • Water-resistant element with a washable surface

Water-resistant element with a washable surface. Not to be used as a primary source for tropical or desert-type reptiles. This rock heater is UL Listed for safe operation.


  • Mini Rock Heater – Use with Small Lizards and Snakes, including Baby Bearded Dragons, Collard Lizards, Swifts, Terrestrial Geckos, Small Corn or King Snakes, etc.
  • Standard Rock Heater – Use with all types of Snakes and Lizards, including Boas, Pythons, Rat Snakes, King Snakes, Monitors, and Tegus.
  • Giant Rock Heater – Use with many large size species of snakes and lizards.

Please note – the temperature is not controllable on this item. We recommend also purchasing the Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat to control temperature settings. A rock heater’s function is to facilitate digestion. A rock heater should never be the sole source of heat. Never cover or bury the rock heater with anything. If your reptile never leaves the rock heater, your terrarium is too cold, and you need an additional heat source. Designed for use in glass terrariums only.

Made in the USA. Zoo Med rock heaters are cUL/CSA/T1/2V approved.

1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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