Zoo Med Turtle Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp


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Zoo Med Turtle Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp is a splash-proof heavy-duty halogen lamp. Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamps can be used with aquatic turtles and other terrarium pets. Repti Tuff Halogen Lamps are long-lasting. This lamp acts primarily as a heat source, generating UVA but not UVB rays. Turtle Tuff halogen lamps feature a unique splash-proof design that allows drops of water to hit it without causing it to burst.

  • It makes animal colors appear richer.
  • Long-lasting lamp life – up to 2,500 hours
  • For use with all types of aquatic turtles or other water-based terrarium animals

The Repti Tuff was previously known as the Turtle Tuff.

3-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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