Does Amazon deliver on Sunday? – Answered

You might have wondered whether you could receive an Amazon order on Sunday. Unfortunately, the answer is a bit tricky.

Amazon delivers on Sundays, although same-day and one-day shipping options are unavailable.

This article will answer your question and discuss other related questions for Sunday deliveries.


Does amazon deliver on sunday


  • Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?
  • Amazon Delivers on Sunday but not Everywhere
  • Through Which Carrier Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?
  • How Late Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?
  • How do I check if Amazon Delivers on Sunday or not?
  • Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays to Amazon Lockers?
  • Does Amazon Fresh Deliver on Sundays?
  • Is Amazon Sunday Delivery Free?
  • How to Get Amazon Packages Faster?
  • Conclusion

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

The answer to the question, does Amazon deliver on Sunday, is Yes and No, both simultaneously.

Amazon does deliver on Sundays, but a few restrictions apply. These restrictions are the cut-off time for ordering and Amazon’s same-day & one-day shipping options.

Amazon is among the few online retailers offering delivery on weekends and Sundays.

This gives Amazon a competitive edge over its competitors. If you’re eligible for Amazon Sunday delivery, you would love it.

It offers customers more flexibility and reliability.

In this article, we will briefly discuss everything, including cut-off times and other conditions for eligibility.

Amazon Delivers on Sunday but not Everywhere.

Yes, Amazon does deliver on Sundays but only in some places. The eligibility varies from location to location.

However, Amazon’s list of qualifying locations or ZIP codes is unavailable. Sunday deliveries are usually available in bigger cities than in outlying or rural areas.

It is more like Amazon Sunday delivery is available in areas where their delivery partners and carrier network supports this service.

Amazon leverages its deliveries to UPS and USPS for packages on Sundays. This is the reason why bigger and more populated cities where there are a lot of UPS or USPS locations face no issues with Sunday deliveries.

Through Which Carrier Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Just like other regular deliveries, most Sunday deliveries are done by Amazon itself.

In addition, Amazon uses its delivery partners, UPS and USPS, for more convenience and flexibility. UPS and USPS also carry out Sunday deliveries for Amazon.

Amazon Rapid Express Freight

How Late Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Amazon delivery hours are 8 AM to 9 PM, even on Sundays. However, it is usually hard to determine the exact delivery time since all packages have different delivery schedules.

You can better track your package via the carrier tracking number provided by Amazon on the carrier’s website.

You can view the tracking number by going to the ‘Your Orders’ page and clicking ‘Track Package’ for the order in question.

Amazon also has a live map feature for its customers. Once available on the delivery day, the customer can view the delivery driver’s live location.

However, since Amazon also uses UPS and USPS to deliver packages, the packages delivered via these carriers might not be after 6 PM.

USPS delivery times and dates are more limited since it works according to the Federal hours of operation.

How do I check if Amazon Delivers on Sunday or not?

While ordering on Amazon, if you see ‘Sunday’ under the delivery options on the checkout page, it means Sunday delivery is available.

But if you do not see this, it does not mean your location is ineligible for Amazon Sunday delivery.

It might be due to wrong scheduling.

Also, you can call UPS and USPS and ask whether Sunday deliveries are available in your area.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays to Amazon Lockers?

Amazon locker is a safe and secure place to receive your Amazon packages. For example, if you live in a neighbourhood or area where there are complaints of stolen packages from the porch or front door, you can get an Amazon locker.

Amazon lockers are located in several locations across the country.

Most Amazon lockers are at business locations and might be closed on Sundays. Therefore, Amazon locker users can only get their packages during business operation hours.

Though, even if the business location allows Amazon delivery drivers to deliver packages on Sundays, you might still need help to pick them up.

Some Amazon lockers are in places that are open seven days a week, and a few might be available 24 hours daily.

This makes it convenient for people to get their Sunday packages via Amazon lockers.

Amazon lockers are also a perfect option for those who live in rural areas. Though you might have to drive to the Amazon locker, you can receive your package on Sundays.

Does Amazon Fresh Deliver on Sundays?

Amazon Fresh also delivers on Sundays. However, the delivery slot availability varies significantly on weekends. Amazon Fresh delivery slots are based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

People mostly prefer delivery slots during certain weekends when they tend to be available at home to receive their orders. Therefore, you might only sometimes find your desired delivery slot on weekends, especially Sundays, for your groceries from Amazon Fresh.

If you place your order a day or two in advance, you might quickly get your desired delivery slot on Sunday.

Amazon Fresh allows you to reserve up to 28 days before your delivery. Overbooking a specific delivery slot makes it grayed out and no longer available.

Is Amazon Sunday Delivery Free?

You might wonder if Amazon Sunday delivery is free or not.

Amazon Sunday delivery is free, just like other Amazon deliveries. You don’t need to pay for any extras. Even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re still eligible for free Sunday delivery from Amazon.

It also depends on the seller you’re purchasing from on Amazon. If Amazon sells and ships the product, you will most likely receive it on Sunday. However, if you’re purchasing from a third-party seller on Amazon, you might not get Sunday delivery.

Some third-party sellers might charge you for expedited delivery on Sunday.

Sunday delivery might only cost if requested expedited for the next day. Otherwise, Amazon Sunday deliveries are free for everyone, regardless of any Amazon prime membership.

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How to Get Amazon Packages Faster?

Now you know that Amazon delivers packages on Sundays. But let’s get to know how to get your Amazon packages faster.

Firstly, sign up for Amazon Prime. This gives you an edge over a non-member for expedited shipping service.

If you opt for expedited shipping on Amazon without being an Amazon Prime member, you might be required to pay high shipping fees to get your packages sooner.

Signing up for Amazon Prime would save you shipping fees and grant you free one-day or two-day shipping.

Secondly, select’ Sunday’ delivery while checking out on Amazon for an order. This ensures you receive your order on Sunday instead of waiting the whole weekend and getting it on Monday.

Thirdly, Ensure you have not selected “Signature Confirmation” in your delivery instructions. Opting for signature confirmation slows the delivery process since you must be at your shipping address to receive it by hand.

If you’re unavailable during delivery, the delivery is attempted at a later time a few times before it gets returned to the seller.

Opting out of the signature confirmation enables delivery drivers to drop off the package at your front door/porch.

If you believe your package might get stolen from the porch, consider signing up for the Amazon Key in-garage service.

This service allows Amazon delivery drivers to open your garage, put your package inside, and lock it again before leaving. This does not require your physical presence or for you to sign for the delivery.

Therefore, this speeds up the process, and you can get your packages earlier.


Amazon does deliver on Sundays, but the availability depends on your location.

By contacting UPS and USPS, you can see if Sunday delivery is available in your area.

You can also follow the tips to deliver your packages faster. Finally, let us know in the comments section about your experience receiving Amazon packages on Sundays.

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